I love the magic of water and how it works with pigment to create powerful effects. I have a strong feminine point of view and am good at expressing subtle emotions of people. My style is both realistic and expressive, which makes it easier for viewer to take in. 


Being able to explore different aspects of art is wonderful. I have played many roles: as a director of short films, designer of book covers, brochures, and logos, and production designer and art director of live-action films. Art has no boundary, and I am happy that I have the opportunity to express myself in so many different ways.


In China there is a saying: “Art is based on life, but higher than life.” I am trying to incorporate that into my paintings. 

Please click the images to go to my Art-Mine page for purchase information. I also accept commissioned work so please contact me for customized painting.

@ 2014 by Jieting Chen

Email: tealove520@hotmail.com                                                     

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