Jieting Chen, illustrator, animator and designer. With years of experience, she produced and directed several award-winning short animation. Her illustrations are strongly influenced by oriental paintings. The point of views are delicate and sensitive.

For illustration projects please contact the Bright Agency.

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As Senior graphic designer in Benchmark Education Company LLc.

With Debra Solomon at I Wanna Know Everyone Inc. participating in the making of short animated film <My Kingdom> and painting illustrations of <How Come> book series.

With Bill Plympton at Plymptoons participating in the making of feature animated film <cheatin'>.

At World Publishing Corporation designing book cover of <Steven Martin: Born standing up>, <Leonardo Dicaprio the biography> etc.

Lectured at Rochester Institute of Technology teaching an undergraduate/ graduate course in Adobe After Effects.



Animation <Le Couple>

               Won Best Animation at Big Mini Media Festival 2012

               Won Audience Award of Animated Short at SENE Film,

               Music & Arts Festival 2015

               Honorable Mention of Best Animated Film at SENE Film,

               Music & Arts Festival 2015

Animation <Good Morning>

               Won the Royal Reel Awards of 2012 Canada International                                    Film Festival.

               Been accepted for the 2012 PCP Exhibition.

Animation <Audition>

               Has been selected and shown in 2012 Lima Film Festival.

               Won the best animation in 2012 Big Mini Media Festival.

               Won the 9th Golden Dragon Award Original Comic &                                          Animation Competition in term of the Best Network of                                      Cartoon Nomination.

Animation <The Wedding Dress>

               Won the Award of Excellence in the 7th Golden Dragon                                      Original Comic & Animation Competition.

               Won Runner-up in the National College Fair 2010 China.

Short Film <Lotto Love>

               Been selected for the 7th Annual Siouxland Film Festival.

Animation <Cherish>

               Won Best Animated Short at Cotton USA Video Competition 2009